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Blog Tour, Excerpt, Giveaway & Review! Deadly Attraction by Misty Evans

About the Book

Title: Deadly Attraction
Series: SCVC Taskforce #6
Author: Misty Evans
Release Date: November 5, 2016
Genre: Romantic Suspense
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Book Summary:

***Part of the proceeds from the sales of this book will be donated to Rescue Dogs Rock NYC. Fans who know me know I’m a huge dog lover and I love to support shelters. Please check out RDRNYC’s Facebook page and consider adopting a dog or sending in your own donation! https://www.facebook.com/RescueDogsRockNyc 

A wildfire out of control…

His twin brother is dead and the only way National Intelligence officer, Mitch Holden, is going to make it through the holidays is by staying focused on his latest SCVC Taskforce investigation—catching a homegrown terrorist with a penchant for arson. The terrorist has started a wildfire eating up thousands of acres of forest and putting dozens of people in danger. When Mitch is pulled off that assignment to play bodyguard to a sexy forensic psychologist who sees past all his defenses, he ends up in the middle of a personal wildfire that’s as out of control as the one burning around the two of them.

A killer on the loose…

The trial that should have made her career cost Dr. Emma Collins everything—her home, her future, the baby that was growing inside her after she testified against famous actor Chris Goodsman, debunking his insanity defense and sending him to prison for murder. Rebuilding her life in the aftermath, Emma now rescues horses, dogs, and juvenile delinquents, and there’s no way she’s heading to a safe house because Chris Goodsman has escaped. She refuses to let anyone terrorize her or destroy her life again. But when a smart-talking, irresistible federal agent shows up insisting he has to protect her, she realizes her new bodyguard needs a bit of therapy. Good thing taking in lost causes happens to be her specialty.

Two people filled with grief may get burned…

Trapped at the ranch by the wildfire, Mitch and Emma explore a searing attraction, but soon discover they’re not alone. A killer has joined them—one who will do anything to get revenge and isn’t afraid to take out anyone who gets in his way.

* * *

My Thoughts

Deadly Attraction by Misty Evans is another thrilling read with an ending that will not disappoint!

The beginning was well done.It introduced the core conflict of the novel as well as the characters. Mitch was mourning his brother and was tasked with a new assignment to protect the independent and feisty Dr. Emma Collins from a sociopath. As Mitch raced against time to save her, the imminent danger seemed all too real. And then the story took an interesting turn as the early chapters of the book dealt with characters who struggled with demons from their pasts. As such, there were times when the plot was character driven. Yet, I was kept in suspense regarding when and where Emma and Mitch would have to confront the sociopath. There were steamy moments. Then there were dark elements that are best described as cringe worthy. Although, the storyline didn’t unfold exactly as I imagined it, there were still sufficient plot twists and nail-biting moments that kept me turning the pages. 

Rating 4/5

I received a review copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


* * *


The woman who answered the door wasn’t at all what Mitch expected.
Her brown hair was forced into a clip on top of her head, a couple pieces of hay sticking out of it and random strands stuck to her neck. Her face was devoid of makeup and sporting a healthy smear of dirt on her cheek. She clutched the edges of a worn plaid robe close to her neck, her short fingernails showing traces of caked mud. Beneath the hem of the robe stretched sexy bare legs, slender ankles, and Barbie-pink toenails.
Mitch fought to take his eyes off her shapely calves and bring them back up to her face. “Is Dr. Collins home?”
The porch light gave her face a subtle yellow glow. He couldn’t be sure about the color of her eyes. They looked brown one moment, then flashed a hint of green the next as she glanced behind him as if she expected the boogeyman to be in the shadows.
Maybe she did.
“I’m Dr. Collins. What is this about?”
“You’re Emma Collins?”
Those eyes of hers flashed again, but she replied evenly. “Dr. Emma Collins, yes. And you are?”
Damn. Definitely not what he expected a forensic psychologist to look like. Shouldn’t she be…older? More buttoned-up with a bun and glasses?
Maybe that was just his librarian fantasy getting in the way.
Mitch flashed his ID and she glanced at it. “Agent Mitch Holden. National Intelligence. Currently on loan to the Southern California Violent Crimes Taskforce. May I come in?”
She was a good six inches shorter than him, her focus swinging up to return to his face. “I’m not in the habit of letting strange men into my house, Agent Holden, so no, you may not. Not until you tell me what this is about.”
Brown. Her eyes were definitely brown with specks of green in them. The specks caught the light like a cat’s eyes.
Get it together, Holden. Quit analyzing the woman’s eyes and get down to business. “Chris Goodsman escaped a transport out of the Hills today.”
Her face blanched. “What?”
She obviously hadn’t heard the news yet. “Victor Dupé asked me to get you to a safe house. He’s been trying to reach you, but with the wildfires and all, landlines have been overloaded and some of the local cell towers aren’t working.”
The mention of Dupé seemed to wipe away her hesitation about letting a strange man into her house. She stepped back and motioned him in, her pretty eyes once more scanning the shadows over his shoulder.
Two Labs, one black and one white, rushed Mitch, sniffing and wagging their tails.
“Hope you’re not allergic,” Collins said, closing the door behind her.
“Nah.” Cold noses met his fingers. They, too, had a dirt on their faces and hay in their short coats. “My brother and I always had dogs growing up.”
Collins snapped her fingers and the Labs retreated, heads down, tails still wagging. They flanked her, one on each side like bodyguards. She absently petted their heads, the V of her robe falling open enough for him to see tan skin and freckles dancing across her collarbone. “How did Chris escape?”
Chris. Sounded funny for the doctor to refer to the actor—a man she’d labeled a sociopath—by his first name. “The transport van was run off the road. Goodsman escaped, the driver was killed, another guard’s in serious condition. I don’t know all the details, but I’m sure Dupé can fill you in when he meets us at the safe house.”
Her nose wrinkled. “Have you been drinking?”
Shit. “Not enough to affect my reasoning or judgment skills, Dr. Collins. I assure you, I can keep you safe.”
Pushing off the door, she headed for the kitchen, a brightly lit room off to his left. “I’ll make you some coffee.”
Coffee sounded good. The tone in her voice—like she was reprimanding a kid about skipping school or not washing behind his ears—didn’t. “I had two sips of whiskey, that’s all, before I got the call to come protect you.”
He found himself following her into the kitchen, his gaze drawn to her ass as she reached up to grab a bag of coffee from a rough pine cabinet. “The holidays are hard on all of us,” she said.
So now she was presuming to know he hated Christmas and the emotional shitstorm it brought on? Yeah, maybe he did feel that way, but it was still annoying that within two minutes, she seemed to see right through him.
One of the Labs nuzzled his fingertips. Gritting his teeth, Mitch did his usual trick when someone probed into his personal life—turned the tables on them. “How is it hard on you? Your boyfriend dump you right before Christmas or something?”
She paused in pouring water into the coffee maker, but her face was serene when she glanced over at him. “Touchy subject, I take it?”
Guilt over lashing out at her clawed its way into his chest. Jesus, what was wrong with him? He was here to get her to a safe house, nothing more. Then it was back to a few last hours of vacation filled with moping and a twelve pack. Mac could keep his scotch. “Yes, actually, it is.”
She nodded and finished pouring the water, hit the switch. “Sorry. I’m sure this isn’t what you had planned for your Saturday night.”
It wasn’t what she’d planned either. Once more, he chastised himself for being so defensive over nothing. For being rude. “Look, I appreciate the coffee and the chitchat, but you need to pack a bag so we can get out of here.”
“I’m going to shower and get dressed.” She walked by him toward the living room and the stairs. “Help yourself to the cookies in the Snoopy jar on the counter.”
She was halfway up the stairs when she turned back and caught him ogling her ass. That same serene look crossed her features before she motioned at the door. “There’s a shotgun above the door, locked and loaded. Just in case.”
Huh. Interesting. A handsome Remington rested on hooks over the front door exactly like she claimed. He also noticed for the first time that there wasn’t a Christmas decoration of any kind inside the house.
No menorah or kinara either.
Was she atheist or some other religion? Did she simply hate the holidays as much as he did?
He tipped his head at her. “Good to know.”
“FYI, I also have a couple of weapons upstairs.”
Was she warning him or letting him know she didn’t need his protection? Either way, he found it cute. “Do you know how to use them?”
One of her dainty eyebrows arched. “Better help yourself to that coffee, Agent Holden. I’ll be back shortly.”
“We really need to get on the road.”
“If Chris is coming after me, I’d rather not smell like a barn when I have to confront him.”
She did smell. “You have livestock?”
“Horses. My practice involves therapy animals. You ride?”
“Just motorcycles, ma’am.”
She glanced at his black boots. “A similar type of therapy I’m told. No motorcycle tonight, though, huh?”
He hadn’t trusted himself on his bike. Too tempting to flee town, just him and his demons, and ride like hell. “Not tonight.”
“Too bad.”
She disappeared up the stairs, the Labs on her heels, before he could ask why.

* * *

About the Author

USA TODAY Bestselling Author Misty Evans has published over twenty novels and writes romantic suspense, urban fantasy, and paranormal romance. As a writing coach, she helps other authors bring their books – and their dreams of being published – to life.

The books in her Super Agent series have won a CataNetwork Reviewers’ Choice Award, CAPA nominations, the New England Reader’s Choice Bean Pot Award for Best Romantic Suspense in 2010 and the ACRA Heart of Excellence Reader’s Choice Award for Best Romantic Suspense in 2011.

Her Witches Anonymous series was dubbed a Fallen Angel Reviews Recommended Read. The Super Agent Series, Witches Anonymous Series, and the Kali Sweet Series have been on multiple Amazon Kindle bestsellers lists. Her culinary romantic mystery, THE SECRET INGREDIENT, and the first book in her Deadly series, DEADLY PURSUIT, are both USA TODAY bestsellers.

Misty likes her coffee black, her conspiracy stories juicy, and her wicked characters dressed in couture. When not reading or writing, she enjoys music, movies, and hanging out with her husband, twin sons, and two spoiled puppies.

Connect with Misty:  Website / Facebook / Twitter / Goodreads / Newsletter / Pinterest

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ARC Review: Better Late Than Never by Jenn McKinlay

Better Late Than Never (Library Lover's Mystery, #7)Title: Better Late Than Never
Author: Jenn McKinlay
Publisher/Publication Date: Berkley; November 1, 2016
Genre: Mystery
Source/Format: First To Read; eARC

Goodreads     Amazon     Barnes & Noble     Book Depository

Synopsis from Goodreads...

In the latest Library Lover’s Mystery from the New York Timesbestselling author of A Likely Story, a decades overdue book puts library director Lindsey Norris hot on the trail of a cold case...

When the Briar Creek Public Library holds its first overdue book amnesty day—no fines for late returns—the volume of incoming materials is more than Lindsey and her staff can handle. In a bind, Lindsey drafts the crafternoon ladies to help check in and sort the stacks of books.

But one tardy tome catches her attention—a copy of J. D. Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye, twenty years past due. When Lindsey looks up the borrower, she’s shocked to discover it was a murdered school teacher named Candice Whitley, whose killer was never found.

Candice checked out the novel on the day she was murdered. Now Lindsey wonders if it could provide a clue to the decades-old cold case. No one noticed who brought the book back in, but could it be Candice’s killer? Lindsey is determined to catch the culprit one way or another, because justice for Candice Whitley is long overdue...

My Thoughts:

When I finally sat down to give Better Late Than Never (BLTN) a read, I wasn’t aware of the fact that this was part of a series—book seven to be exact. Regardless of what I didn’t know about the series, I still enjoyed the book.

Two of my favorite things are books and the library. I haven’t used my local library as much lately, but that’s beside the point. What I’m getting at is that Better Late Than Never by Jenn McKinlay seemed like my kind of book. And I was right. The main character was a librarian, the Briar Creek Public Library played an important role in the plot, and the mystery was established early on in the book.

One of my favorite aspects turned out to be the mystery surrounding the overdue library book. McKinlay did a good job with her use of the typical cozy mystery elements—amateur sleuth, small town setting, a mystery that finds its way into the hands of the main character, etc.. I found it hard to put the book down.

The characters were wonderful. I really liked Lindsey, the sleuthing librarian. Her perspective was interesting, and I liked how she approached the case, even if she was asked to stay out of it. I also like how McKinlay established the relationships between the characters—from friends, to family, and even romantic interests.

At the end of the day, BLTN is definitely one of the best books I’ve read in 2016. Now I kind 
of want to see where Lindsey’s adventures all began. 

Rating 5/5

This copy of the book was provided by First to Read (publisher) for this review, thank you!

About the author...

Jenn is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of several mystery series and will be debuting a new women's fiction series in June 2017, starting with the title About a Dog. She lives in sunny Arizona in a house that is overrun with kids, pets and her husband's guitars...

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Blog Tour, Excerpt & Review: The Thunder Beneath Us by Nicole Blades

About the Book

Title: The Thunder Beneath Us
Author:  Nicole Blades
Publisher/Publication Date: Dafina; October 25, 2016
Format/Source: E-ARC; Publisher/NetGalley
Genre: Fiction            

To the world, Best Lightburn is a talented writer rising up the masthead at international
style magazineJames, girlfriend of a gorgeous up-and-coming actor, and friend to New York City’s fabulous. Then there’s the other Best, the one who has chosen to recast herself as an only child rather than confront the truth.

Ten years ago, on Christmas Eve, Best and her two older brothers took a shortcut over a frozen lake. When the ice cracked, all three went in. Only Best came out. People said she was lucky, but that kind of luck is nothing but a burden. Because Best knows what she had to do to survive. And after years of covering up the past, her guilt is detonating through every facet of her seemingly charmed life. It’s all unraveling so fast: her new boss is undermining and deceitful, her boyfriend is recovering from a breakdown, and a recent investigative story has led to a secret affair with the magazine’s wealthy publisher.

Best is quick-witted and headstrong, but how do you find a way to happiness when you’re sure you haven’t earned it—or embrace a future you feel you don’t deserve? Evocative and emotional, The Thunder Beneath Us is a gripping novel about learning to carry loss without breaking, and to heal and forgive—not least of all, ourselves.

Buy Link



We slid into the car, across the warmed seats, sitting close enough that our heads gently knocked together a couple of times as we skimmed potholes. Then, while we were heading over the Brooklyn Bridge, it started. Hands and lips and gropes everywhere. By the time we got to my floor, we were on the floor, then the couch, on the counter, up against the fridge, bottom of the bed, in the shower. It was hot and sweaty and good. He stayed over. (Not my style.) I called in sick. (Also not my style.) We made breakfast together early that next morning and ate it sitting tucked beneath a pillow fort he made on the living-room floor. We lay there, tangled up like vines, and watched old game shows for hours. It felt good with Grant then. It felt normal. But it was never going to work. I’m not built for that.
When he called me the next week I was a little surprised. I was sure that he had only put my number in his phone because his Canadian insides would not allow him to treat me like some throwaway hookup. Appearances.
“Hey. It’s Grant.”
“I know. I didn’t wait the customary—what?—ten days before calling, but I want to see you again. So, I’m calling today.”
I smiled, but slid the phone speaker away from my mouth. He’s an actor. They’re trained to pick up on even the slightest nuance. “Yeah?”
“Yeah. Do you want to come hang out?”
“Okay. We’re doing this, we’re playing that game?”
“Not a game. I don’t know what you’re going to propose; I’m maintaining a holding pattern. Can’t fault a girl. You Hollywood types are freaky.”
“Right. There’s always the creep factor to consider. I get it. Me being a Hollywood type and everything, it’s probably not going to help with what I’m about to propose. I mean, it’s kind of far-out.”
“Why, are you about to propose propose?”
Yo. Not that far-out. But it does involve a hotel.”
“A hotel.”
“Yeah, I know. It’s a long story and it’s boring. Studio shit. Courtship for contract re-ups. My agent, Shawna, only told me about it two hours ago. Look, it’s ridiculous and excessive and whatever the opposite of flattery is, but I’m doing it, apparently, to keep the waters calm.”
“Wait, are they naming a penthouse suite after you or something?”
He laughed—a giggle, really, covered over in a breathy chuckle that slipped through his nose. It was cute, wiggling its way through the phone to the soft middle part of me just below my heart, and I knew I was about to say yes to whatever he was about to say next. I was in the net, trapped. That laugh of his—infectious doesn’t quite describe it. The way it would start, in the base of his throat, tickling him as it rose up to his nose and then dancing on his lips. I liked when he would let it fly, loose and wild, his mouth open, actual ha-ha’s tumbling out, his shoulders shaking and his head flopping off to the side. There was something so honest and joyful in it that left you surrendered, open, willing.
When I got to the hotel, Grant answered the door wearing the classic plush bathrobe along with a pair of thick, black-rimmed glasses.
“Are you seriously answering the hotel room door naked?” I said, stepping into the room despite my clear disapproval. “If there’s a half-drunk bottle of Jack and some small coke mountain piled on a glass-top table in here…then congratulations on being a total cliché, sir.”
Grant smiled, big and crooked. “You don’t mince a word, do you?”
“Well, do you blame me? You invite me to your publicist-arranged, studio contract, carrot-on-a-stick thing and then answer the door nude.”
“Bathrobe,” he said and tightened the sash around his middle like a miffed housewife.
“Fine. Almost nude, in a bathrobe.” I stepped in a little farther and scoped the grand suite. Whatever wasn’t white was chrome, and the windows were as tall as the walls. It was the picture of luxury and excess, and it was inviting.
“I think once you slip this robe over yourself, you’re going to want to be nude—sorry, almost nude too.”
“Is that right? Just a complete panty-dropper, huh?”
“Feeling is believing, homie. I even took out my contacts—like my eyes wanted to be on that freedom flow too. Go in there,” he said, making an easy motion with his head toward the wide bathroom. “There’s another one—it’s your size, smaller. I hung it on a hanger behind the door. Just slip it on, even over your clothes, and—you know what? No spoilers. You’re your own woman. Go in there. Take responsibility for your life. I’m going to order up some French fries since that’s kind of the only way you can really enjoy cocaine and Jack Daniel’s. That’s what I read in my Hollywood Clichés Handbook,” he said, his face straight and staring right at me.
I shook my head and bit back my grin. “All right, then. Let me investigate this overpowering terry cloth.”
“Actually, it’s bamboo.”
I narrowed my eyes at Grant and he broke. His giggle-chuckle pushed its way out and attached its cheerful self to my sleeve. And that was it: the marked moment when this man, with his singular laugh and movie-star chisel and helpless heart, descended into my brain, into my being, and started to build a home there. 

My Thoughts

Overall, The Thunder Beneath Us was an interesting read. Nicole Blades delivered a prologue with a harrowing situation that captivated my attention. However, in the next couple of chapters, there were moments that had extraneous details, which slowed down the pace. The story did get interesting again when Best’s secrets started coming out into the open. And Blades did an excellent job of depicting Best as a character who was profoundly affected by her past—one who had to learn effective coping mechanisms as she struggled with deep-seated guilt and the reality of what had happened.

Rating 3/5

I received an E-ARC of The Thunder Beneath Us from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

About the Author

 Nicole Blades is a novelist and journalist who has been putting her stories on paper since the third grade. Born and raised in Montreal, Quebec, by Caribbean parents, Nicole moved to New York City and launched her journalism career working at Essence magazine. She later co-founded the online magazine SheNetworks, and worked as an editor at ESPN and Women’s Health

Now a freelance writer, her features and essays have appeared in MORE magazine, Cosmopolitan, NYTimes.com, WashingtonPost.com, MarieClaire.com, BuzzFeed, SELF, and BlogHer. Nicole has been a speaker and panelist at BlogHer and MA Conference for Women. She also created Ms. Mary Mack, a blog that aims to bring compassion and common sense back to parenthood.

Nicole lives in Connecticut with her husband and their son.

Website     Amazon    Goodreads

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