Tuesday, July 29, 2014

ARC Review: Forbidden Kiss by Shannon Leigh


Title:  Forbidden Kiss
Author:  Shannon Leigh
Publisher/Publication Date: Covet, July 28, 2014
Genre:  Paranormal Romance
Format/Source:  E-ARC, Publisher


Jule Casale is the perfect daughter. Obedient. Trustworthy. Loyal. With her high profile Italian family, her public image must be impeccable. And now to gain the respect and position she’s desired in the academic world, she hopes to discover the unknown artist behind a masterpiece of Renaissance art.

Rom Montgomery seeks the unobtainable: forgiveness. Those who could grant him relief are dead. Instead, he wanders across continents and through time searching for salvation and the means to right an ancient wrong. But when Jule comes knocking on his door, it’s the closest he’s ever come to finally finding redemption.

The closer Rom draws to correcting his past mistakes, the more his secrets threaten to destroy the woman who might hold the key to his future.


I liked the world created by Shannon Leigh in which Rom was trying to resolve an ancient wrong in a present day setting. It’s an interesting depiction of the what-ifs of a classic romance and tragedy story with a modern day twist. It was well-written and the backstory was nicely woven into the story. Although some things were the same it still remained different.

I would recommend Forbidden Kiss for adults who enjoy paranormal stories of tragedy and forbidden yet eternal love.

Rating 4/5

I received an e-arc of Forbidden Kiss from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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