Friday, October 30, 2015

ARC Review: Dirty Deeds (Witches Anonymous, Step 7) by Misty Evans

Dirty Deeds (Witches Anonymous, #7)
Title: Dirty Deeds (Witches Anonymous, Step 7)
Author:  Misty Evans
Publisher/Publication Date: Beach Path Publishing, LLC; October 26, 2015
Format/Source: E-ARC, Publisher
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Book Summary from Goodreads

***For fans of Charmed and Buffy the Vampire Slayer! The seventh short story in the bestselling Witches Anonymous series!

Stories in the series include:

Witches Anonymous
Jingle Hells, WA Step 2
Wicked Souls, WA Step 3
Dark Moon Lilith, WA Step 4
Dancing With the Devil, WA Step 5
Devil’s Due, WA Step 6

The trouble with being wicked is that it feels so damn good.

Having worked so hard to get to Step 7 of Witches Anonymous, reformed witch Amy Atwood shouldn’t miss being wicked.

But she does. She really does.

The magic…the power…Lucifer. While practicing humility and working on her character, Amy's resolve is tested by a container of stolen cupcakes, her friend’s broken heart, and a devilishly fun stint in jail. Not to mention the torture of a Voodoo baby shower looming on the horizon.

What’s a witch supposed to do? Can Amy keep her no-magic oath and still make everything right? Or will her dedication to being a good witch take a backseat to love, honor, and loyalty?

My Thoughts

Wow, Dirty Deeds by Misty Evans is ridiculously funny.  It's a paranormal romance with a creative spin on the characters, which included fallen angels, a guardian angel with loyalty issues, demons, vampires & the devil. Everyone had problems. The heroine, Amy Atwood, is a fallen angel who has been reincarnated as a witch. She’d sworn off magic and struggled with suppressing her abilities as she dealt with the competition. The love of her life is Lucifer aka the devil who was an interesting character that seemed somewhat out of character. His antics were entertaining and their dynamics were amusing.  I also loved the portrayal of their unborn child who was already taking tantrums to a whole new level.

I’ve read several books by Misty Evans; however, this is the first book I’ve read from the Witches Anonymous series. As usual, I absolutely loved the storyline created by Evans and would definitely recommend Dirty Deeds.

Rating 5/5

I received an E-Arc from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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