Monday, April 11, 2016

Blog Blitz, Excerpt, and Spotlight: The Bouquet List by Barbara DeLeo

The Bouquet List by Barbara DeLeo
Re-release of newly edited version: 4/11/16

Special sale price! The Bouquet List will be on sale for $.99 for a limited time only!

About the book:

He's #5 on her Bouquet List. Tall, dark...and completely forbidden.

After a too-close call with death, Yasmin Katsalos is checking some things off her Bouquet List—things to do after you thought you were going to die. Fun fashion choices? Check. Purple hair and a cute diamond nose stud? Check, check. Now she's on to item #5: a flirty fling with a man who's tall, dark, rich...and totally out of her league.

And restaurateur Lane Griffiths definitely fits the bill.

Lane isn't just out of Yasmin's league. He's also her brother's best friend and therefore off-limits. Now that they're working together on renovations for her family's wedding hall, however, Yasmin has plenty of opportunities to bewitch, bother, and boldly seduce. He's reserved. She's relaxed. The only thing they share is a spark of attraction that's too strong to resist. But is Lane just another item on her bouquet list... or has Yasmin found something on her list that will last?

**Note: this title was originally released July 14, 2014 and has been updated to be a closed door Bliss.

Excerpt #2
She spooned bright red jam onto each half of the scone and then followed it with a dollop of cream. She smiled brightly. “Would you like one of these? I’ve heard they’re disgustingly delicious.”
He shook his head as he watched her finish the job, then take a huge bite. She closed her eyes and made a low noise at the back of her throat that made him feel like he was intruding on a private moment, and he wanted to hear it over and over. “God, these are good,” she said as her eyes opened and rested on him again, her voice muffled by scone. A thin line of whipped cream sat above her top lip before she carefully wiped it away with a finger. “And we could have the whole place look rustic but a lot more modern.” She licked the cream from her finger, then chewed, and a ripple of need shuddered through him. A completely inappropriate reaction to the sister of his oldest friend.
About the Author

Barbara DeLeo’s first book, co-written with her best friend, was a story about beauty queens in space. She was eleven, and the sole, handwritten copy was lost years ago, much to everyone’s relief. It’s some small miracle that she kept the faith and is now living her dream of writing sparkling contemporary romance with unforgettable characters.

After completing degrees in Psychology and English then travelling the world, Barbara married her winemaker hero and had two sets of twins.

She still loves telling stories about finding love in all the wrong places, with not a beauty queen or spaceship in sight.

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