Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Review: Key of Knowledge by Nora Roberts

Key of Knowledge (The Key Trilogy, #2)Title: Key of Knowledge
Author: Nora Roberts
Publisher/Publication Date: Berkley; January 1, 2003
Genre: Romance; Fantasy
Source/Format: Purchased; Paperback

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Synopsis from Goodreads...

Fate brings three women together for a chance to unlock their deepest desires. This is Dana’s quest…

Dana Steele has always found her greatest passion in books. But now her boss is making her job as a librarian a living hell. Luckily, she now has a Plan B. High on a hill overlooking the town of Pleasant Valley, Pennsylvania, sits the Warrior’s Peak estate. It’s where Dana was invited to meet Malory Price and Zoe McCourt—and where they learned that they were destined to find three keys to unlock a box holding the souls of three mythical demigoddesses: one an artist, one a bard, and one a warrior. With the promise of a million dollars each dangled before them, the women couldn’t refuse. And as Malory found the first key, they formed a fast friendship and decided to go into business together. For Dana, that meant her dream of owning a bookstore was about to come true. And now, as Dana finds herself on the threshold of some major life changes, it’s her turn to find a key. She has four weeks to unravel a riddle involving her past, present, and future, and to find the truth hidden among deception and lies—or succumb to her worst nightmare...

My Thoughts:

Every time I buy a Nora Roberts book, I always end up with the second book of a trilogy. This has happened twice now. I’ve heard of Nora Roberts before because my mom has a lot of her books, so I'm not totally unfamiliar with her work. I just haven’t kept up with which series was which.

Key of Knowledge is the first book I’ve actually read by Roberts, and I wasn’t disappointed. The story had a contemporary romance feel to it, but was combined with magical elements and mythology that I really enjoyed. There were gods and goddesses, prophecies, and even a little bit of a quest; romance, and a little action. Roberts knows how to set up a convincing atmosphere. There was always a sense of danger, even when the characters were going about their daily routine.

Going into the book there was a lot that I obviously missed, but it wasn’t hard to get into the story. Roberts writing was excellent, and the pace was good from start to finish. The characters were interesting. I especially liked the friendship between Dana, Malory, and Zoe. The romantic elements had a prominent role in Key of Knowledge, but honestly I didn’t mind it. I think Roberts handled that part of the story in such a good way. I liked the relationship between the characters a lot.

All-in-all, Key of Knowledge was just a great book. There was an emotional element to it that I really liked, and the story itself was great. So, I eventually want to read the rest of the trilogy, and will definitely check out other books by Nora Roberts.

Rating 5/5


  1. Oh man...I gave away this book to a friend because I found out it was the second book in the series. I really dislike reading books out of order. I still have yet to read a Nora Robert's book.

    1. I'm kind of the same way but I frequently make exceptions for books that I already have on my shelf regardless series order. Thanks for stopping by!


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