Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Review: Deja Voodoo by Elle James

Deja Voodoo (A Cajun Magic Novel)

 Title:  Deja Voodoo (A Cajun Magic Novel; Click on the Link for Synopsis)
Author:  Elle James
Publisher/Publication Date:  Entangled Suspense, June 24, 2013
Format/Source:  e-galley, Publisher
Genre:  Romantic Suspense

My Thoughts

I have mixed feelings about Deja Voodoo by Elle James. There were some aspects of the story that I liked and others that I could have done without. It begins as another fun and enjoyable read.  Since the end of Voodoo for Two a lot has happened. Lucie is now living in Baton Rouge and she has started her life with Ben. She is back to her old antics of creating spells. Lucie sends Alex a Voodoo charm just as another undercover agent assigned to a case arrives in Bayou Miste. So if you’re a fan of Voodoo for Two, you know where this story is headed.  
There were moments of intense high flying action on the bayou that had me on the edge of my seat. Yet, there were action scenes involving criminals with fast-moving cars that were too similar to those found in Voodoo for Two.  It was just the same actions with different people in a slightly different place at a different time.
And once again we follow another Louisiana State Police, Ed, as he is undercover and pursues a love interest, Alex. Alex and Ed have an instant physical attraction, and I did enjoy their story.  Alex struggles with her quest to remain independent and is rather fickle.  One moment she is oh so totally falling for Ed and the next she is pulling away.
The problem that I had with this book was the voodoo spell that went awry and brought a new man, Sport, into Calliope’s life. I really disliked the setting and circumstances surrounding Sport’s transformation. Calliope’s interest in Sport is overplayed. She just appears to be desperate and sells herself short. I just couldn’t connect with the whole relationship between the two of them or Calliope’s desperation to have a man. There were funny aspects of Alex’s interactions with Sport; however, the story surrounding Calliope and Sport had a profound effect on my opinion of Deja Voodoo.
Rating 2.5/5-The book was okay
I received a copy of Deja Voodoo from the publisher for an unbiased review. Thank You.

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