Thursday, June 20, 2013

Review: For Love or Money by Cathy Perkins

For Love or Money
Title:  For Love or Money
Author: Cathy Perkins
Publisher/Publication Date:
Entangled Suspense, May 27, 2013
Format/Source:  e-book, won
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My Thoughts

I love suspense novels that have you looking for clues in all the wrong places. Cathy Perkins does a good job of building up the suspense by providing just enough information to make multiple people look guilty.   For Love or Money was filled with corruption and characters who were so temperamental that it was difficult to discern who could be trusted. There were several people in Holly’s life from love interests to her clients that either had a shady past, made questionable statements, or acted bizarre.

Then there was Holly’s mom who occasionally made an appearance. She was so undependable, and I began to think that she was hiding something.  

And Holly, Holly, Holly. All I can do is shake my head and say her name. This is another case of a strong-willed heroine who thinks that she can take care of herself. She got herself in so deep with the murder investigation, because she couldn’t stop snooping. Yeah, her character was believable enough; because she’s similar to the people out there that just don’t know when to stop asking questions. I guess being in a series of dangerous situations wasn’t satisfying enough—she needed answers. Her actions just led to alarming outcomes that kept me turning the pages in search of answers.
I loved how JC dealt with the unresolved issues between him and Holly. There was just so much tension between them.  And at times I found it amusing when JC’s interrogation of Holly went astray as he was gathering her personal information.
There were several occasions that I was left shocked by the events that unfolded and could only hope to find answers as I continued on my journey reading this book. Then finally the ending arrived, and it just left me saying—“What?! I should have known, but I didn’t see that coming.”
For Love or Money was a quick enjoyable read, and  I would recommend it to fans of  romantic suspense novels. Rating 4/5

I received a copy of For Love or Money from the publisher for an unbiased review. Thank you.

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