Sunday, May 26, 2013

E-ARC Review: Don't Bite the Bridesmaid by Tiffany Allee

Title:  Don't Bite the Bridesmaid
Author:  Tiffany Allee
Publisher/Publication Date: Entangled Publishing,
Covet, May 27, 2013
Source, Format:  Publisher, e-arc
Don’t Bite the Bridesmaid by Tiffany Allee is an appealing paranormal romance novel about the developing relationship of Alice and her neighbor, Noah. It takes place on a cruise ship with events surrounding her sister’s wedding. Allee adeptly crafted a love story with mounting tension between the hero and heroine that leads to spicy love scenes. And I love the fact that the characters were portrayed as having both physical and emotional connections.
Noah and Alice definitely have an attraction for one another, but initially, they refrain from acting on their impulses.  Alice, the heroine fears getting involved in another relationship, because her best friend and ex-fiancé betrayed her in the past. Allee presents an original take on precautions taken by a vampire who wants to avoid biting his prey. Noah was the calm cool collected one who prides himself with having self-control. He is hesitant to make a move on Alice because he is not so normal, he’s a vampire. He fears that he will bite Alice if they become too intimate. As is typical with other paranormal romance novels, their problems are also compounded by the guidelines set in place by The Council. The tension mounting between Alice and Noah was apparent as they experienced everything from uncertainty to being overly forward and Alice finally states, “Oh, we’re doing this. We are so doing this.” (105), immediately prior to becoming intimate.
Some of the characters had negative attitudes but were essential elements of the plot. Brent, Alice’s ex-fiancé, is a well- written character that you just love to hate. As for Kristen, her ex-best friend, she experiences a classic case of what goes around comes around. Well, she took Alice’s fiancé, but he is such an arrogant individual and doesn’t gain many points for his people skills. He’s so crass that he even gets Noah’s blood boiling. However, Brent’s behavior happened to be good for the plot because he fueled the fire that helped Noah act on his feelings for Alice.
I really enjoyed Don’t Bite the Bridesmaid and I would recommend this novel to adults who enjoy paranormal romance with a satiating plot.
I received an advance review copy from the publisher for an unbiased review. Thank you. Don't forget to check out the synopsis and excerpt below. 

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