Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Review: Voodoo for Two by Elle James

Title: Voodoo for Two (Cajun Magic, Click on the link for synopsis)
Author: Elle James
Publisher/Publication Date:  Entangled Publishing, April 29, 2013
Source/Format: Publisher, e-arc
Age Range: 18+


Be careful what you wish for…

Determined to marry the most eligible bachelor in the parish to save her family, Lucie LeBieu turns a “love bug” loose to cast its Voodoo spell. What she doesn’t count on is hitting two targets—the golden boy congressional candidate, and her Cajun-hot ex. To set things right, she must undo the spell before she falls into bed—-and back in love—with a certain down and dirty heartbreakin' cop.

Undercover investigator Ben Boyette is back in Louisiana on special assignment when he runs across his old flame, brewing up trouble as usual. But when hometown threats turn deadly, Lucie's life is on the line. Determined to protect both her and his politician assignment from falling victim to a murderer, Ben finds that he's the one who's falling hard...for the irresistible bayou temptress.

My Thoughts

Voodoo for Two by Elle James has a captivating and well-crafted storyline.  Early on, this book was annoying because of a barroom scene in which Leroy, a patron, is harassing Lucie, one of the female workers. My first impression was that the outcome of the situation didn’t enhance the story. However, just when I thought that I didn’t want to read any further, there was a turn of events and I just couldn’t put the book down.  I soon realized that the barroom scene was ideal for portraying what Lucie was running from . The scene also provided insight regarding Ben and Eric, the men who would later pursue her. Lucie decided that she was going to brew the cure all to her problems of living in Bayou  Miste and having a dead-end job. Her plan consisted of finding a man with the right stature and a little voodoo.  Well—Lucie wasn’t known for her voodoo skills, so what she brewed up resulted in a hilarious love-bug, disaster.
I would recommend  Voodoo for Two to adults (18+) who like suspense novels with the right mixture of thrills, humor, and romance. 
I received an e-arc of Voodoo for Two by Elle James from the publisher for an unbiased review. Thank you.


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