Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Review: Tall, Dark, and Divine by Jenna Bennett

Tall, Dark, and Divine (Bagging a Greek God, #1)
Author:  Jenna Bennett
Publisher/Publication Date: Entangled Publishing, April 21,2013
Source/Format: Publisher, ebook
Age Range: 18+

My Thoughts
Okay, I have minor reservations about Tall, Dark, and Divine by Jenna Bennett, but overall, this book is Funny and Hot, Hot, Hot!!!

Eros had the right balance of good and bad characteristics, which created a fun, sexy, and entertaining storyline. He is the sexy Greek god of love who’s romantic and compassionate. Only he has a few problems—Eros had a failed relationship, has been out of touch with the matchmaking business, and has a substance abuse problem. Oh no, that’s not good—right??? There is mention of the world being in shambles with people holding summits to save the environment from further destruction. When all that was needed in the world was love or the god of love that is. Eros was on a mission to create a love connection between Annie and Harry, but his match making skills seemed subpar; maybe it was affected by his excessive drinking.
Well as for Harry, he seemed to be the wrong man to set Annie up with because of his egocentric nature. Although Harry insulted Annie she still desired him, which made her character appear weak; yet, sometimes starting a story with shallow characters, works well for the plot. Such is the case with Harry who was transformed from an insensitive man to a babbling fool after being hit by Eros’ arrow. I found this change in attitude intriguing and I was eager to watch the remainder of the story unfold.
I had a couple of issues with this book, but it didn’t take away from the overall storyline. Several of the characters had superficial viewpoints. And there was a lot of emphasis put on falling in love with someone because of a physical rather than an emotional connection. It wasn’t until later in the book that it was mentioned that “Looks aren’t everything” (227). Also the events that unfolded happened over a matter of days. Consequently, I was shocked by the relationship status of Annie after this short period of time. Perhaps I would have liked this book better if the plot was strictly centered on Annie and Eros.
Rating 3/5-The book was enjoyable and I would consider recommending it to others.
I received a copy of Tall, Dark, and Divine by Jenna Bennett from the publisher for an unbiased review. Thank You.

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